Rediscover oat drink.

24/7 fresh oat drink without additives or added sugar*!
With our oat drink powders you have your freshly prepared oat drink ready anytime and anywhere - without compromises.

* Oats naturally contain sugar.
Glas Shaker

Oats rethought.

Thanks to our gentle and innovative production, our products are particularly creamy and can replace milk in a beverage carton in no time.

Preparation of our oat drinks


1. Fill in water.


2. Take the powder out of the can.


3. Fill the powder into the shaker.


4. Screw on the lid.


5. Shake vigorously, done!


Our organic oat drink powder stands for conscious enjoyment with only 0.5% fat and 3.3g sugar per 100g. Simply mix the powder with water and enjoy - it couldn't be fresher.

From nature.

Our organic oat drink powder contains 100% hydrolyzed whole grain oat flour. Totally natural and optimally soluble.

Pelster's Signature Oat Drink

Our signature oat drink powder: the first oat drink powder that combines oats with rapeseed oil.
The mixed oat drink has a fat content of 1.7% fat. The rapeseed oil makes this oat drink taste particularly full-bodied and creamy. Pelster's answer to oat barista without additives . Simply mix the powder with water and enjoy - it couldn't be fresher.

Always freshly prepared.

Our signature oat drink contains only two selected ingredients with which you can conjure up a particularly creamy and delicious drink. Optimally soluble.

The oat drink powder innovation.

Our signature oat drink is characterized by a fat content of 1.7% and a carbohydrate profile similar to low-fat cow's milk. For a new drinking experience.