Blumengefäß zum Muttertag
Creative workshop

Mother's Day flower pot

Mother's Day is coming and it's time to think about a gift for our mothers and all the special women in our lives. If you're still looking, then we have a creative idea for you: Why not give something homemade as a gift? Because there is nothing better than giving gifts a personal touch and showing how much we value our loved ones.

That's why we would like to share our latest upcycling idea with you, with which you can create a unique surprise in no time. Let's be creative together and conjure up something nice for our moms!

For this you need:
  • Motif paper and or kraft paper
  • Paper straws
  • Packaging string and or gift ribbon
  • Scissors
  • adhesive
  • Ruler or set square
  • empty Pelster's can
  • potted plant

That's how it works:
First we start with upcycling the can. To do this, you need an empty and clean Pelster's can in which you first plant your flower.

In order to be able to cut the motif paper to size later, you should measure the can. The height is easy to measure, but the width is a little more difficult due to the round shape. Here I recommend putting a thread around the can and measuring it. The circumference of the can corresponds to the width of the motif paper to be cut out.

Now transfer the dimensions onto the motif paper and cut out the template with scissors. Then stick the motif paper to the can with glue.

Next up is the pennant garland. I drew small pennants on a piece of paper, cut them out and used them as a template for the kraft paper. Now label the pennants with the words of your choice. Then attach them to a string and tie it to the paper straws.

Insert the straws into the flower and your great upcycling gift idea for Mother's Day is ready!

What is your mother getting for Mother's Day? Flowers, chocolates or something homemade? Feel free to write it in the comments!

Have fun crafting!

Your Anika

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