Osterhasen basteln - Upcycling der Pelster's Dosen
Creative workshop

Making Easter bunnies - upcycling Pelster's cans

Who else is looking for small Easter gifts for family and friends? Then this DIY is just right!

My son and I had a lot of fun crafting. Here you will find the instructions for our funny Easter bunnies.

You need:

- empty cardboard wrapping containers (e.g. from Pelster's)

- colorful photo cardboard,

- colorful chenille wire,

- googly eyes,

- colorful pompoms

- or whatever else your craft materials provide (stickers, glitter stones...). Because you can be particularly creative with this craft!

Of course, craft glue, adhesive tape, scissors and colorful pens should not be missing.

First, mark the size of the empty can on the photo cardboard and then cut out your can jacket. Liberally coat the back of the photo cardboard with craft glue, then wrap it around the empty can and press firmly for a minute until the cardboard is fixed.

Now let your creativity run wild. Shape the chenille wire into bunny ears and attach the ears inside the box with adhesive strips. Alternatively, you can cut the ears out of photo cardboard.

You can then use the wiggly eyes and pompoms to design the Easter bunny's face. Then it's time to decorate further. Here you can let off steam. :)

Last but not least, it's time to fill the Easter bunnies. Here are two ideas:

1. Create a small Easter nest - with Easter grass or decorative grass and Easter treats.

2. Put a small potted plant or artificial plants in the can to create a hairstyle for the bunny.

We will choose option one and give away the cans at Easter, filled with self-painted eggs.

Have fun crafting and happy Easter, wish you and your family Anika

Flower arrangement with Pelster's shipping box