Barista Oat Drink Powder (formerly Signature Oat Base)

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✓ free from additives

✓ without added sugar

✓ vegan & gluten-free

✓ from €1.99 per liter

✓ reduces packaging waste and food waste

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Barista Oat Drink Powder (formerly Signature Oat Base)

Barista Oat Drink Powder (formerly Signature Oat Base)

Our Barista Oat Drink : the first oat drink powder that combines oats with rapeseed oil. The mixed oat drink has a fat content of 1.7% fat. The rapeseed oil makes this oat drink taste particularly full-bodied and creamy. Pelster's answer to oat barista without additives . Simply mix the powder with water and enjoy - it couldn't be fresher or more natural .

Due to our special and innovative production method Oats and rapeseed oil combine perfectly and dissolve in water in no time. The unique thing is that the oats and oil in the mixed drink do not settle unsightly at the bottom or on the surface, but despite it Avoid emulsifiers stay connected. Our Barista oat drink also flakes without acidity regulators not in coffee.

✓ particularly creamy & very easy to foam

✓ without additives ( without acidity regulators, emulsifiers and stabilizers)

✓ without added sugar*

✓ vegan & gluten-free

✓ only mix as much as you need and reduce food waste

Packaging options:

- 500 g powder/can makes up to 5 L oat drink

- 1,500 g powder/bag makes up to 15 L oat drink

Recommended use: Round off your chai, matcha or coffee with our Barista oat drink. It conjures up wonderfully creamy milk foam, even without additives. A milk alternative that is suitable for every purpose.

A little tip: The powder can also be perfectly stirred directly into your coffee.

Vegan label

* Oats naturally contain sugar





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With our innovative oat drink powders you can minimize your ecological footprint. Because you reduce food waste, packaging waste and transport volumes in the supply chains of conventional oat drinks in beverage cartons. This not only saves Co2 but also saves you the hassle of lugging around - win, win!

Only 2 ingredients.

Our Barista oat drink powder contains only two selected ingredients with which you can conjure up a particularly creamy and delicious drink. Even without additives, it is optimally soluble, wonderfully foamable and does not flake in coffee.


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