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How is oat drink powder made?

Wie wird Haferdrinkpulver hergestellt?
Step 1: Grinding the oat grains
First, the oat grains are ground into a fine oat flour to create the basis for our oat drink powder.

Step 2: Hydrolysis & fermentation of the oats
In this step, water is added to the oat flour. This is followed by enzymes - alpha-amylase - which are added to the oat-water mixture. The natural fermentation process breaks down the starch in the oats into sugar. This gives the oat extract its sweet taste.

Step 3: Separation of fibre components
The remaining coarser components and oat fibers are then separated from the oat porridge to prepare the mass for drying.

Step 4: Drying to a fine powder
In the final step, the oat mass is dried and the fine oat drink powder is created.
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